Pub. 1 2021 Issue 1


We dedicate this first edition of Women Elevated to all the incredible and inspiring Junior League members who came before us;
To the women who worked tirelessly to build our League into the organization it is today, allowing us to continue building better communities;

To the efforts of the 2020-21 Communications Council for giving life to this project through interviews, long writing sessions and sincere dedication to creating what is surely to be a legacy of Women Elevated publications.

Finally, to all current Junior League of Salt Lake City members who continue to show that we can do hard things in light of a global pandemic. May this issue bring joy to your day and remind you all that we are 


By Jeni Fitzgibbon and Katherine Torres

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Sarah Waters

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Women Elevated, the official magazine of the Junior League of Salt Lake City. When we decided to create this annual publication nearly 18 months ago, no one could have imagined all that we would experience in 2020. …

By June Steely, Women Helping Women, Director 2020-21
By Junior League of Salt Lake City
By Junior League of Salt lake City
By Junior League of Salt Lake City

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Pub. 1 2021 Issue 1
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Pub. 1 2021 Issue 1
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